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Make Sense of Your Cloud Data

Get visibility into a rich set of data for managing your multi-cloud environment. Analyze your infrastructure by dynamic business groups and access custom reporting.

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Optimize and Control Your Cloud Spend

Improve resource utilization and realize cost savings with tailored recommendations. Drive continuous optimization with governance policies and automated actions that execute changes in your cloud environment.

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Enhance Your Cloud Management Practice

With more than $20B of annualized cloud spend under management, VMware Aria Cost supports 20,000+ organizations worldwide. Grow your cloud expertise with a proven framework to progress through your cloud management maturity journey.

Key Capabilities

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Resource & Organization Management

Align cloud data to your business with VMware Aria Cost FlexOrgs for greater control over user access, sharing and delegation across multiple levels of organizational hierarchy. Further fine tune the platform by dynamically allocating assets to business groups known as VMware Aria Cost Perspectives. View and analyze your cloud environment by project, application, line of business, cost center and more, to drive accountability for cost and usage.

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Reporting & Dashboards

Filter and refine out-of-the-box graphical and tabular reports to correlate datasets for analysis against your business objectives. Create custom dashboards across clouds and easily build detailed reports from scratch, known as VMware Aria Cost FlexReports, across various dimensions to perform more granular analysis on cost, usage and asset data.

Budget Management Dashboard Image

Budget Management & Forecasting

Configure budgets to visualize your expected costs for the year in advance and compare it with actual spend as the year progresses. Create as many overall and categorized budgets as you need, aligned to your company’s fiscal year. Proactively alert stakeholders when costs are forecasted to exceed pre-defined budgets. Toggle on forecasting for reports to predict future values based on historical data for the interval you define.

Cost Allocation & Chargeback screenshot

Cost Allocation & Chargeback

Create cost reallocation rules to reassign indirect costs from your bill by the proportion of direct costs within your perspective groups. You can manipulate costs directly in the platform by adding custom line items to the bill. Insert charges or credits with a one-time or recurring frequency and perform enhanced chargeback or showback.

Resource Utilization Dashboard

Rightsizing & Waste Reduction

Terminate idle, unused resources to reduce wasted spend. Set custom thresholds and leverage actionable recommendations for rightsizing IaaS and PaaS services in your multi-cloud environment. Compare actual performance data with provisioned capacity to quickly identify assets that can be downsized or terminated.

Commitment Based Discounts Dashboard

Commitment-Based Discount Management

Take advantage of cloud provider commitment discounts to reduce operational costs. Save time spent manually managing Reservations and Savings Plans using VMware Aria Cost's purchasing, optimization and amortization capabilities. Manage discounts throughout their entire lifecycle to maximize savings.

Anomaly Detection Dashboard

Anomaly Detection

View unexpected changes in spend by region, account and service with VMware Aria Cost Anomaly Detection. Understand historical trends in behavior, including views into the cost impacts of the service, helping you pinpoint the most severe anomalies in your environment. Our machine learning algorithms adjust to periodic, seasonal or other patterns that might be expected for workloads, and you can provide feedback directly to the algorithm to train it for your business.

Container Reporting Dashboard

Kubernetes Optimization

Get started quickly with bulk onboarding using a single Helm command for all clusters. View container and node usage against CPU and memory requests and limits to identify clusters that are under- or over-utilizing capacity. Get customizable recommendations for rightsizing Kubernetes cluster requests to ensure optimal performance and eliminate wasted spending. Allocate Kubernetes costs by requests or by usage, and report or chargeback containerized costs at any granularity, including container, Namespace, cluster, workload, account, team, department, line of business and more.

Governance & Automation Dashboard

Governance & Automation

Drive consistent operations and continuously monitor your environment with VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth’s dynamic policy engine. Quickly identify opportunities to proactively reduce spend, remediate risks and streamline configuration. Get alerted when conditions deviate from your desired state and enable automated actions to execute changes in your environment—stop, start, resize or terminate infrastructure—all at the frequency you define.

Migration Planning Image

Migration Planning

Plan a migration from your data center to the public cloud of your choice with the VMware Aria Cost Migration Assessment. Understand the total cost of ownership of migrating based on existing configuration or utilization. Compare the cost of moving workloads in different regions and availability zones, and optimize the use of reservations to make smarter, more informed decisions.

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Member of the FinOps Foundation

VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth is VMware’s dedicated FinOps solution and the First Premier Partner of the FinOps Foundation.

A Recognized Leader in Cloud Financial Management

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Forrester Names VMware A Leader in Cloud Cost Management and Optimization

Forrester Names VMware A Leader in Cloud Cost Management and Optimization

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