Why You Need a Cloud Center of Excellence

The success of your company’s cloud adoption and migrations depends on establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence—a cross-functional team tasked with supporting and governing the execution of the organization's cloud strategy. They do this by:


  • Establishing policies and guardrails
  • Driving collaboration and adoption of best practices across a range of disciplines
  • Evaluating and potentially supporting the implementation of new and existing cloud technologies

Having a CCoE to govern IT infrastructure and build out best practices across the organization enables the rapid deployment of new technologies that will better serve your company’s commercial interests.

Benefits of Establishing a CCoE with CloudHealth by VMware

Simplify Financial Management

Report spend by cost center, drive accountability against budgets, and find opportunities to optimize your cloud spend.

Streamline Operations

Create custom policies that automate daily cloud operations, speed decision making, and reduce risk.

Strengthen Security & Compliance

Visualize, investigate, and prevent lateral movements that exploit resource relationships, misconfigurations, & entitlements.

Best Practices for Forming a Cloud Center of Excellence

From our work, with thousands of organizations at all different stages in their cloud journey, we’ve identified patterns and best practices for building a CCoE with mature cloud management practices – a Cloud Management Maturity Model.
cloudhealth cloud maturity model assessment resource image

See how you stack up against peers in your industry with our five-minute assessment of your cloud management maturity.

Areas of Excellence

Cloud Financial Management

The process of continuously optimizing and aligning cloud investments with strategic business initiatives.

Cloud Operations

The process of managing and delivering cloud services that meet the availability, performance, recoverability, quality, and scalability needs of the business.

Cloud Security and Compliance

The process of proactively detecting and remediating vulnerabilities in your cloud environment.

Four Phases of Cloud Management Maturity

No matter what phase you’re in, CloudHealth by VMware can help you improve your cloud maturity.

Four Phases of Cloud Management Maturity

No matter what phase you’re in, CloudHealth by VMware can help you improve your cloud maturity.


Gain visibility into decentralized multi-cloud environments by business groups. Without this, companies struggle to predict and forecast costs, identify security compliance risks, and maintain consistent infrastructure.


Optimization is the process of finding opportunities to be more efficient, whether it’s in cost savings, time savings due to operational improvements, or tightening security parameters.

Governance & Automation

Maintain your cloud environment so you can monitor when drift occurs. Once governance policies are established, the next step is to automate response and remediation of these policies, freeing up employee time for more critical tasks.

Business Integration

As the aspirational end state, this phase is about understanding exactly how your cloud strategy drives business transformation and impacts your most pressing corporate goals.

CloudHealth discovers all different configurations, then CloudHealth Secure State tells us the risk factors in the event of any changes. It’s almost like we’re self-healing our cloud space in real-time.
— Johan Marais, Sr. Platform Services Manager, Discovery Holdings

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