What is cloud security and compliance?

Cloud security protects data and infrastructure resources in public clouds. A mature cloud security program ensures cloud accounts and services are configured correctly to encrypt data, prevent unauthorized access to resources, and maintain regulatory compliance —all without slowing down innovation.

Tackle cloud security’s top challenges and remediate high-risk violations with the superior context and visibility offered by CloudHealth Secure State.

CloudHealth Secure State: The Foundation of Your Cloud Security Program

Integrated Solutions

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Reduce security investigation time from days to minutes

Understand what developers build in cloud with real-time graph search supporting 350+ cloud resources. Query multiple cloud providers, accounts, and regions with a low-code investigation approach. Visualize relationships between resources to understand cloud architecture and different paths an attacker can take to move laterally in a security breach.

Scale over 1000 multi-cloud configuration security best practices

Misconfigurations are the leading cause of public cloud security breaches. Improve your cloud’s security posture with real-time visibility into misconfigured resources and connections to other cloud services. Quantify and prioritize risk based on security blast radius and enable developers to auto-remediate violations.


Prevent attackers from moving across Kubernetes & cloud infrastructure

Secure public cloud and Kubernetes infrastructure with an integrated cloud native security platform. Automatically discover managed clusters and identify risky Kubernetes misconfigurations in cloud and data center. Visualize relationships between Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure to prevent accidental data exposure or access to privileged cloud credentials.

Compliance Risk Management

Improve compliance with support for 20+ regulatory standards

Continuously benchmark compliance across ephemeral cloud resources with real-time assessment of regulatory controls. Leverage pre-defined industry & government specific regulatory benchmarks or build company specific custom compliance frameworks. In a single view, track compliance with all frameworks and progress made in resolving issues. Automate reporting and maintain a thirteen-month compliance audit history.

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Identify unused or excessive privileges across cloud infrastructure

Streamline cloud identity and access management by visualizing who has access to which resources and what permissions across the cloud infrastructure. Easily prioritize risk by grouping resource types an identity can access and isolating sensitive permissions an attacker can abuse in the event of a security breach.

User & Entity Behavior Analytics

Speed up response to security threats with intelligent risk correlation

Isolate threats from anomalies and correlate activity with risky misconfigurations to speed up response to critical security threats. Empower security operations teams to stay on top of emerging cloud risks with latest threat intelligence on techniques criminals use to attack your cloud infrastructure.

Compliance Risk Management

Build guardrails with continuous CI / CD verification

Take a “Shift left” security approach to reduce cost and time spent on fixing violations. Use API to integrate security and compliance best practices within CI/CD pipelines. Proactively identify and remediate violations before a deployment hits production. Continuously monitor drift, alert developers, and collaborate to scale cloud security.


All-In-One Cloud Security

Get real-time visibility across your cloud architecture and automate cloud security operations with CloudHealth Secure State.

CloudHealth Secure State is a real driver for collaboration between Axway’s disparate security, operations, DevOps and R&D teams. It delivers actionable intelligence about cloud risks to help each team meet its varying cloud security objectives. The service is unique in its ability to deliver additional context that’s often missing in cloud security.
— David Starler, Director of Cloud Security, Axway.

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