Manage Your GCP Environment at Scale

Get granular visibility into resource usage across all GCP projects. CloudHealth helps you get the most out of your GCP environment with governance policies, security monitoring, and cost management across projects.


Streamline decision-making with custom reports and dashboards tailored to your business function, team, or project.

Simplify Financial Management

View detailed breakdowns for major spending areas to track trends, and monitor usage and performance data.


Build policies to automate daily operational tasks, improve security, and maintain tagging hygiene as you scale.

Strengthen Security 

Proactively manage security risk, alert users to critical issues ranked by severity, and gain deep insight into affected resources.

Visibility into Your GCP Environment

Cloudhealth Resource GCP Management visibility Image

View, analyze, and manage resources

  • Leverage pre-configured or customizable reports and dashboards to monitor the performance of your GCP resources.
  • Input cloud operating budgets to trigger alerts and notify key stakeholders if a Line of Business is projected to overspend.
  • Increase collaboration across your organization by subscribing team members to reports and dashboards.

Get visibility into your Google Cloud Platform data with CloudHealth.

Simplify Financial Management in GCP

Cloudhealth Resource GCP Management Financial Image

Control and optimize costs

  • Segment up to 13 months of cost data by Line of Business to enable accurate financial reporting.
  • Analyze how well your Google Compute Engine (GCE) Instances are being utilized in terms of the workloads you have running on them and take advantage of rightsizing recommendation.
  • Increase resource consumption visibility and optimize clusters to avoid waste in your container environment. Gain granular visibility into your Kubernetes environments to analyze and optimize utilization.

Learn best practices for reducing spend In Google Cloud Platform.

Maintain Your Google Cloud with Automated Governance Policies

Cloudhealth Resource GCP Management Governance Image

Automate tasks and maintain infrastructure

  • Choose from a library of preconfigured policy templates or create your own to help manage your environment in a way that aligns to your business objectives.
  • Trigger notifications to alert stakeholders of policy violations, like when a Line of Business is projected to overspend their budget for the month or when an underutilized instance is detected.

Get tips and best practices for building a successful cloud operations and governance practice in GCP or any cloud.

Strengthen Your Google Cloud Security Posture

Cloudhealth Resource GCP Management Security Posture Image

Proactively reduce security and compliance risk by scaling best practices across developer teams

  • Reduce misconfigurations with visual risk context and real-time security alerts.
  • Increase compliance with industry standards with out-of-the-box benchmarks and enterprise customizations.
  • Shift left security to detect misconfigurations during development through API integration with CI / CD pipelines.

Learn how to implement standards and controls that ensure cloud security without inhibiting productivity.

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