Integrate with other tools using webhook or API

The CloudHealth by VMware Suite can integrate with third-party tools to share data, helping public cloud users with tasks such as application performance management, provisioning, managing misconfiguration risks, compliance reporting, messaging, and ticketing.

The CloudHealth by VMware Suite can integrate into your existing collaboration and communication tools using webhook or APIs helping you share information about your cloud environment in real-time.

Integrations and Technology Alliances

Red Hat Ansible logo


Red Hat Ansible provides enterprise-grade solutions for automating apps, systems, and cloud resources for IT organizations. Red Hat Ansible Tower helps DevOps teams manage complex multi-tier deployments and speed productivity by adding control, security, and delegation capabilities to Ansible environments.

Together, Ansible and CloudHealth analyze AWS, server, and playbook information to provide actionable insights to help you optimize and automate your cloud.

Amazon Guardduty Logo

Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior to protect AWS accounts and workloads. GuardDuty delivers an intelligent and cost-effective option for continuous threat detection in the AWS Cloud.

Together, GuardDuty and CloudHealth Secure State help you better prioritize, analyze, and respond to critical security threats in AWS cloud.

Amazon sqs Logo

Amazon SQS

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) is a fully managed message queuing service that enables users to decouple and scale microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications. Using SQS, users can send, store, and receive messages between software components at any volume, without losing messages or requiring other services to be available. 

Through CloudHealth Secure State’s integration with Amazon SQS, users can trigger programmatic actions in response to security findings.

Azure Security Center Logo Image

Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center provides a security posture management and threat protection solution for Azure cloud accounts. 

CloudHealth Secure State’s integration with Azure security center, allows users to obtain security findings from their Azure cloud accounts, get a unified view of the security posture and receive contextual risk scores for threats, helping them prioritize and mitigate critical risks.

Chef logo


Chef is both a leader in continuous automation software and an innovator in application automation—their configuration management framework simplifies the task of configuring and maintaining server infrastructure through the principle of infrastructure as code. Chef aims to solve automation across the enterprise IT estate, and across functional roles, to provide an environment where a business can build, deploy, and manage any software, anywhere. 

Together, Chef and CloudHealth  provide you a holistic view of the sizing of your instances and volumes. This allows you to ensure that you are not severely over or under-provisioned.

Datadog logo


Datadog is a monitoring service that brings together data from servers, databases, applications, tools, and services to present a unified view of applications that run at scale in the cloud. These capabilities are provided on a SaaS-based data analytics platform that enables Development and Operations teams to work collaboratively to avoid downtime, resolve performance problems, and ensure development and deployment cycles finish on time. 

Together, Datadog and CloudHealth bring you end-to-end visibility across every dimension of your cloud environment to help you make more informed business decisions.

Datadog logo

Jira Cloud

Jira helps to plan, communicate, and manage dependencies across organizations. It also helps to identify trends, visualize data, and find ways to improve team performance.

CloudHealth Secure State’s integration with Jira Cloud allows you to configure and automate your ticketing system and integrate it with your existing workflow. Based on set criteria in alerts, CloudHealth Secure State can trigger and forward security findings to Jira as an issue.

New Relic logo image

New Relic

New Relic is a software analytics company that delivers real-time insights to more than 15,000 customers around the world. As a multi-tenant SaaS platform, the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud helps companies securely monitor their production software in virtually any environment, without having to build or maintain dedicated infrastructure. 

Together, New Relic and CloudHealth provide a better understanding of performance trends and requirements so that you can make good provisioning decisions.

Slack logo Image


Slack is a collaboration hub that can replace email to help you and your team work together seamlessly. It's designed to support the way people naturally work together, so you can collaborate with people online as efficiently as you do face-to-face.

Splunk Logo Image


Splunk turns machine data into answers. Organizations use market-leading Splunk solutions with machine learning to solve their toughest IT, Internet of Things, and security challenges. 

CloudHealth Secure State for Splunk App combines our powerful interconnected cloud security model with Splunk's comprehensive analytics and reporting engine, providing information security teams deep insight into their cloud security and compliance posture.

Tanzu Observability Logo image

Tanzu Observability by Wavefront

Tanzu Observability by Wavefront offers a real-time metrics monitoring and streaming analytics platform designed for developers to optimize their clouds and modern applications that rely on containers and microservices. It offers digital enterprises the ability to send time-series metric data from anywhere in their data center and to perform queries, render charts to see analytics, anomalies for or KPI dashboards.

Together, Tanzu Observability by Wavefront and CloudHealth help you understand how your cloud assets are being allocated and utilized and make rightsizing decisions.

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