A Single Platform for You and Your Customers

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Management, operations, and service delivery at scale

  • View detailed breakdowns for major spending areas to track trends, watch for anomalies, and monitor usage and performance data.
  • Build policies to automate daily operational tasks and drive consistent best practices to your customers.
  • Extend the VMware Aria Cost platform with partner-specific features that streamline customer billing, centralize customer management, and drive profitability.

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Accelerate customer acquisition, streamline onboarding, and continue expanding your service portfolio

  • Automate onboarding and customer entitlement via APIs.
  • Integrate products into differentiated offerings to best meet your customers' managed service needs.
  • Maximize recurring revenue streams with organic and VMware Aria Cost driven growth.

Learn how to accelerate your business with VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth.

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Gain visibility and reporting across all customer tenants from a single console

  • View and report across customer tenants. 
  • Benefit from full multi-tenant isolation of customers. 
  • Grant console access to customers as you see fit.

Learn how VMware Aria Cost’s Custom Price Book helps partners manage their customers with confidence.

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Easily scale your billing operations as you expand your customer base

  • Generate customer billing statements for AWS, Azure, and GCP.
  • Create billing rules for custom charges and discounts. 
  • Develop and leverage Custom Price Books to manage unique pricing arrangements.

Learn how to streamline customer billing with VMware Aria Cost’s Partner Generated Billing Engine.

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Identify and take advantage of opportunities to increase your profit margins

  • Perfect your own internal processes to then implement as best practices to customers.
  • Provide accurate rightsizing and cost optimization. recommendations to customers based on platform metrics and reporting. 
  •  Take advantage of Reserved Instance arbitrage.

Learn more about VMware Aria Cost’s customer health analytics for partners.

Bytes Partners with VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth to Give Customers Increased Cloud Visibility

Learn how Bytes optimizes security, cost, governance, and automation in the cloud with VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth.

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