Improve Visibility

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Gain Real-Time Visibility Across Cloud & Kubernetes Infrastructure

Monitor multiple cloud providers and understand how a minor configuration change can elevate risk across connected cloud objects


  • Quickly discover inventory, explore cloud topology, and drive investigations with a unified search engine for multiple cloud providers, regions, and accounts  
  • Detect security risks within seconds and monitor ephemeral cloud resources with an event-based approach that minimizes API calls to cloud  
  • In a single graph view, get deep security context including cloud resource relationships, misconfigurations, threats, metadata, and change activity  
  • Audit configuration changes and track progress developers make in resolving security and compliance violations across the organization and sub-projects

Define Governance Standards

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Establish Security and Compliance Best Practices

Build a cloud security and compliance program to establish organization-wide standards and fine tune policies


  • Assess misconfiguration and compliance risk by automating benchmarks such as CIS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, MITRE ATT&CK Cloud, NIST, PCI, & SOC 2 
  • Eliminate security and compliance blind spots by defining custom frameworks and rules specific to technical needs 
  • Reduce false positives and allow exceptions to security policies by automatically suppressing rules or findings based on pre-defined criteria 
  • Prioritize security of most vulnerable cloud resources with an intelligent risk scoring algorithm that makes it easy to identify critical findings

Remediate Violations

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Resolve Violations with a Secure Auto-Remediation Framework

Use automation to improve security and compliance posture and build guardrails that prevent mistakes


  • Safely embrace auto-remediation with a framework that takes actions without write permissions to a customer cloud environment  
  • Mitigate risks at scale with a rich library of pre-defined remediation jobs and the ability to create custom jobs as code  
  • Click to fix known violations and precisely target resources based on filtering criteria such as a cloud provider type, region, account, or tag 
  • Proactively prevent mistakes by enabling guardrails that automatically resolve new violations that match specified filtering criteria

Increase Collaboration

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Empower Developers and Streamline Security Operations

Automate cloud security operations in the company with an API-first platform that easily integrates with other IT, security, and developer tools


  • Shift-left security to proactively identify and resolve violations through API based verification within CI / CD pipelines 
  • Enable developers to manage cloud risk with Role-Based Access Controls for monitoring security and compliance findings 
  • Prioritize security and incident response by correlating threats ingested from third-party sources with native security and compliance findings 
  • Streamline SOC investigations by easily exporting native findings for additional analytics in Security Information & Event Management systems
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