Why CloudHealth Secure State

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Get CSPM, KSPM, CIEM, UEBA, & Threat Correlation as one integrated cloud configuration security solution.

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Deeper Context

Find risks that others don’t by visualizing & correlating resource relationships with misconfigurations, entitlements, & threats.

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Faster Response

Detect 95% security violations in less than 6 seconds of a change notification and automate remediation securely.

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Operational Ease

Protect thousands of cloud accounts at scale with fewer false positives, automated workflows, and customer success guidance.

Key Capabilities

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Visual Context

Enable developer, security, and operations teams to get on the same page quickly by delivering a visual understanding of misconfiguration risk.

Advanced Detection

Identify lateral movement & privilege escalations by assessing connections between misconfigured Kubernetes and cloud resources.

IAM  Visibility 

Improve visibility into which users or machines have access to which cloud resources to reduce unnecessary and excess privileges.

Coverage Depth

Gain a comprehensive understanding of security & compliance posture with support for over 350 cloud resources, 1100 rules, & 20 compliance frameworks.

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Threat Correlation

Prioritize critical threats, understand actual risk, and visualize the chain of attack by correlating anomalies with open security violations.  

Low-Code Investigation

Search & reduce investigation time from days to minutes by navigating resource relationships with real-time visibility and write custom rules with click-through query builder.

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Automated Suppressions

Reduce false positives with workflows that enable developers to request time-bound exceptions and admins to automate approvals.

Secure Remediation

Click to fix known violations and automate remediations to proactively resolve new violations while maintaining read-only access to your cloud within our SaaS platform.

Supported Cloud Providers


Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon Inspector

Microsoft Defender for Cloud




Amazon SQS


Align Developer, Security, & Operations Teams

Managing cloud security and compliance is a distributed responsibility between teams. CloudHealth Secure State helps organizations operationalize cloud security through improved visibility, governance, automation, & collaboration between teams.
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Cloud Security Architects

Enable the organization to meet cloud security & compliance objectives. Empower developers, operations, & information security teams to manage risk while ensuring security requirements don’t block business agility.

Read CloudHealth Secure State’s Playbook to
Operationalize Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud Platform Operations

Proactively scale security & compliance best practices to speed up path to production for cloud native applications. Reduce false positives and auto-remediate risk. Understand cloud architecture & investigate security incidents.

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