Increased Efficiency


CloudHealth has helped Neat increase performance efficiency by more than 50%

Strategic Planning


Granular visibility allows Neat to zero on usage and determine where efforts should be focused

Financial Accountability


Neat can now deeply analyze their AWS billing record and hold lines of business accountable

Neat is the leading provider of smart organization systems for small businesses. The company’s unique combination of cloud, mobile, and desktop software, in conjunction with its hardware scanning solutions, allows users to transform important documents into usable digital information. Neat customers are able to organize, access, and share both paper and digital documents, simplifying everyday tasks, and facilitating information workflows. As the company started migrating its architecture to the cloud, it was in need of a better way to optimize its AWS architecture.

Neat's Challenges with Cloud

In moving its architecture to the cloud, Neat faced two primary challenges:

  1. The ability to efficiently manage spend – AWS resources were readily available to developers and the DevOps team, allowing them to spin up resources on demand. Neat needed a way to monitor and control resource utilization to prevent resources from sprawling out of control.

  2. The ability to delineate the financial impact of what Neat was doing in the cloud — Neat needed to ensure it was providing the right amount of production resources and services for customers, while also being able to separate costs taken on internally for development and QA.

Neat did not have a solid understanding of which machine sizes were the correct fit for AWS processes and lacked the level of visibility required to make better decisions with regard to its AWS architecture – all issues that were too tedious to handle manually.

Finding a Solution

After evaluating different options, Neat chose our platform in order to incorporate a policy-driven approach and focus on cloud governance. The platform gives Neat the ability to manage their entire cloud environment from a single console, and has enabled them to simplify the process of managing their cloud infrastructure while at the same time reducing costs and proactively managing performance.

My favorite thing about CloudHealth is the level of visibility it gives us into our architecture that we previously didn't have. The platform helps us paint the big picture, which can become very tedious to do manually.
— Patrick Curley, Chief Product Officer, Neat

Some key CloudHealth functionality that is helping Neat includes: rightsizing reports with recommendations, trended usage analysis by business groups, and cost visibility at a granular level that is tied to their AWS detailed billing record. The information Neat has at their fingertips through the CloudHealth platform has simplified decision-making efforts.

The Results

CloudHealth has given Neat a powerful level of visibility into its AWS architecture, allowing the company to benefit from a greater view of resource utilization and a level of insight that has enabled the company to increase performance efficiency by more than 50%. The company has been able to benefit from the information necessary to support decision-making efforts related to feature developments and where to focus on cost optimization.

With CloudHealth, Neat is now able to zero in on usage, benefit from the right level of visibility, and determine where efforts should be focused.

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