Oblivion Cloud Control is a highly specialized AWS Premier consulting partner that helps companies get the most out of their AWS infrastructure. The team has successfully enabled and accelerated the cloud journey for hundreds of companies, from small startups to expanding enterprises. Partnering with VMware has allowed Oblivion Cloud Control to deliver optimal customer service by continuously and accurately optimizing services and preventing unnecessary cloud costs.

Journey to the Cloud

Oblivion Cloud Control is a one-stop-shop for cloud adoption, design, migration, and cloud managed services, assisting customers at every step of the cloud journey. Oblivion Cloud Control’s parent software development company first started working with the AWS Cloud in 2006 and its founders quickly noticed a gap in the market for a cloud consulting company. As the cloud team grew, Oblivion Cloud Control was created as a dedicated cloud business unit in 2014. Michel Zitman, Cloud Financial Management Practice Lead at Oblivion Cloud Control, stressed that their customers have a desire to explore in the cloud: “We work with customers that are as ambitious and innovation-minded as we are. Working in the AWS cloud puts these shared values into practice” Zitman said.

Customers of Oblivion Cloud Control are in various stages of their cloud journey spanning across many industries. Mudit Gupta, Cloud Systems Engineer at Oblivion Cloud Control, highlighted that “the drive to actually be curious and innovative is the main DNA that we try to match with our customers.” These values are central in their mission statement: “Our mission is to guide our customers to become self-sufficient and innovative on a successful and effective cloud journey.”

Partnering with VMware

Oblivion Cloud Control believes that a cloud management tool is crucial for all managed service providers. After first using a competitive tool, Oblivion Cloud Control selected CloudHealth in 2017.

It was about the vision and potential of the product and the fact that we could include the CloudHealth platform to enrich our service offering.
— Michel Zitman, Cloud Financial Management Practice Lead, Oblivion Cloud Control

Another plus was CloudHealth’s easy accessibility to customers. “The ability to enable and empower our customers to use a cloud management platform was something we really valued,” Zitman said.

Oblivion Cloud Control utilizes CloudHealth’s granular cost data to dive deep into the costs of AWS-based services. The team digs into individual line items to see how resources are being consumed and charged back with AWS.

CloudHealth’s Health Check Report gives a very clear overview of where the optimization options are located and helps me see how much potential these optimizations will bring the customer.
— Mudit Gupta, Cloud Systems Engineer, Oblivion Cloud Control

Customizable dashboards allow customers to easily view and analyze cloud cost data and track performance. Oblivion Cloud Control also makes use of Perspectives, which allows customizable business grouping of assets in the CloudHealth platform and in dashboards and reports. “It’s really powerful for our customers to dig into how their teams are performing and where to chargeback, showback, and optimize,” Gupta said.

Optimizing Automation Processes

Oblivion Cloud Control easily automates tasks in the CloudHealth platform, with their internal account vending machines deploying accounts automatically. CloudHealth APIs trigger functions that add accounts on the partner and customer level to the billing block. To update policies, Oblivion Cloud Control created a code pipeline that’s triggered when policies are updated, enabling functions that deploy and update policies across all accounts.

We are leveraging CloudHealth functionalities in a way that enables us to manage our customers at scale. Without automation, it becomes impossible to do that.
— Michel Zitman, Cloud Financial Management Practice Lead, Oblivion Cloud Control

As an example, CloudHealth policies are configured to show the team when Reserved Instances will expire for customers, simplifying Oblivion Cloud Control’s operational processes.

An Evolving Partnership

CloudHealth enables Oblivion Cloud Control to manage their customers’ cloud environments at scale. It’s a huge added value to have the platform available to their customers, as it gives Oblivion Cloud Control the opportunity to manage hundreds of customer accounts with CloudHealth.

Zitman highlighted how “CloudHealth became an integral part of our service offering.” Oblivion Cloud Control customers are heavy users of the CloudHealth platform, consuming actionable information, which makes a huge difference in their business operations. Customers can create Perspectives, analyze data, rightsize AWS services, and leverage many other platform features all on their own.

Oblivion Cloud Control’s partnership with CloudHealth has evolved greatly over the past three years and will continue to flourish as their business grows. “Michel and the team at Oblivion are incredible collaborators, which is core to the success of our partnership” said Sidney Epner, Senior Technical Account Manager at CloudHealth.

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