Robert Half International is the world’s largest specialized staffing firm, providing skilled professionals in fields across the market. With more than 400 consulting and staffing locations worldwide, Robert Half’s physical footprint is just as large as their digital one. As Robert Half’s cloud operations continue to rapidly expand, the team leverages CloudHealth to optimize costs and govern their environment.

Robert Half’s Cloud Journey

Robert Half has been an AWS user since 2010. What started off as slow growth in the cloud has now transformed to include a comprehensive strategy with a dedicated Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) team. The team was formed in 2018 to regulate cloud operations and has since matured into a center for cloud strategy and governance, where stakeholders work to keep the organization’s cloud strategy aligned with the business goal of reducing customer churn.

The pace of AWS innovation requires constant re-education and diligence to stay on top of cloud optimization. However, cost management isn’t everyone’s day job at Robert Half, so they needed to implement a dedicated team to stay on top of the cloud’s rapid pace of change. James Fogerson, Senior Manager of the CCoE at Robert Half, took a keen focus on improving their cloud strategy.

Robert Half became a CloudHealth customer in 2016 (VMware acquired CloudHealth in 2018).

We really loved the platform and the visibility of being able to have a single pane of glass into our AWS spend and sharing reporting across teams.
— James Fogerson, Senior Manager of the CCoE, Robert Half

The CloudHealth QBR Process

CloudHealth’s Quarterly Business Review (QBR) process helps Robert Half understand how to optimize their cloud environment by prioritizing optimization tasks, determining new areas for improvement, and benchmarking against other CloudHealth customers. “The interesting part for us is looking at how we compare to other CloudHealth customers in regards to the number of subscriptions and saved reports,” Fogerson said.

In the QBR, CloudHealth helps Robert Half set goals and lays out next steps to ensure Robert Half stays on track to meet them. This quarterly review, along with monthly touchpoints, CloudHealth roadmap reviews, and advanced CloudHealth training, make the team at Robert Half feel supported throughout every step of their cloud journey. The added layer of visibility that CloudHealth provides into their cloud spend coupled with Recommendations for optimizing their AWS environment point them to internal issues and drive resolutions across teams.

After Robert Half saw the benefits of the CloudHealth QBR, the team wanted to provide a similar service to additional cloud users internally. With the help of their CloudHealth account team, Robert Half started an internal QBR process modeled after the CloudHealth process.

Adopting the QBR Process Internally

CloudHealth reports are a central part of Robert Half’s internal QBR process. Bi-weekly reports and status updates help the team share trends and stay on track. A key win for the team was constantly finding new areas of cost savings and pulling those findings into the QBR template to share lessons learned.

The reports are a good way to make sure the team is aware of where the costs are going and agree that those should be the main drivers.
— James Fogerson, Senior Manager of the CCoE, Robert Half

The RI Utilization Report shows teams the overall cost savings with centrally managed RIs.

The EC2 Instance Report is another crucial piece, as it tells if teams are leveraging CloudHealth Policies and Automation to shut down instances overnight and on weekends.

Regular reviews of Policies also ensure that proper governance is in place. The Health Check Pulse Report shows the team how much they’re spending on aged snapshots and unattached EBS volumes. “It’s always a good wake up call to see where there’s opportunities to improve our cost management,” Fogerson emphasized.

Next Steps for Robert Half

The Robert Half team plans to improve their QBR process with new reports and alternative ordering. The goal is to get on a quarterly review rotation with all teams and train additional employees on the process. Internal feedback has been very positive so far.

Senior management really appreciates our focus on cost management with AWS and keeping people on track for reducing spend.
— James Fogerson, Senior Manager of the CCoE, Robert Half

Many of the teams have now adopted a cost optimization mindset and are looking beyond the QBR process for new opportunities to save money. “CloudHealth makes it easy to quantify costs and get information.”

For Robert Half, leveraging CloudHealth was a game-changer. “Leveraging with CloudHealth, a tool that has all the information and can help with the process, is very beneficial.”

Check out Robert Half’s CloudLIVE session on how to start your own QBR process

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