Sumo Logic is a log management and analytics leader. The company delivers data-driven insight to enterprises worldwide, enabling businesses to harness the power of machine data to improve their operations and deliver outstanding customer experiences at an enterprise scale. Thousands of customers rely on Sumo Logic to run their most important applications and services.

Sumo Logic's Biggest Challenge

Kumar Saurabh, Sumo Logic’s Co-Founder and VP of Engineering, will say firsthand that with all the cloud has to offer, it is easy to lose discipline and rigor with regard to cost. Visibility is needed to maintain oversight on how a company is spending resources. Sumo Logic requires insight into multidimensional levels of costs, in order to model out all costs associated with its infrastructure according to business groups.

Finding a Solution

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive cloud management solution, the company turned to CloudHealth. We were able to give Saurabh and his team the level of granular data Sumo Logic needs to ensure success with their cloud-based structure.

The cloud has reduced the barrier to innovate—but you need to have visibility into resources and spend. CloudHealth gives us the insight we need to be successful.
— Jumar Saurabh, Co-Founder & VP Engineering, Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic's Results

With CloudHealth, Sumo Logic is able to benefit from cloud-based benefits, such as consumption-based pricing, while also being able to easily scale their infrastructure in line with company growth and customer demand. In addition, Sumo Logic relies on CloudHealth for capacity planning, enabling the company to analyze resources, operations and usage.

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