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Take Your FinOps Strategy To The Next Level


CloudHealth by VMware, in partnership with the FinOps Foundation, is delighted to bring you the second session of the Faster to the Future with FinOps series.

Getting engineering teams to care about cost optimization can be challenging. That’s why we’re bringing together the best in the business to discuss how they’re incentivizing engineering teams to participate in FinOps best practices in an ever-changing multi-cloud world.

Join our panel session to hear customers share strategies and tactics for engaging engineering teams from across the organization in cloud financial management.

Meet the Speakers

J.R Storment

Executive Director

Rob Migliore

Sr Director, Cloud, Trimble

Jonathan Morin

Product Line Manager, CloudHealth by VMware

Riley Jenkins

Sr. SRE/FinOps Architect

Faster to the Future with FinOps: Accelerating Cloud Cost Optimization with Engineering Buy-In