Alibaba Cloud is a growing leader in cloud computing with a large market share in the Asia-Pacific region and an increasing reach globally. Thousands of customers turn to Alibaba Cloud for its impressive product portfolio and security services.

Yet as more customers utilize Alibaba Cloud for fast innovation, scalability and security, there are still major barriers to overcome to get to the promised state of cloud optimization. Challenges—such as limited visibility into cloud costs and usage, the need for separate cloud management tools for a full view into cloud financial management, and difficulty aligning assets to business context—can lead to increased cloud costs and mismanagement of cloud environments.

VMware Aria Cost for Alibaba Cloud

VMware Aria Cost™ powered by CloudHealth® extends multi-cloud management to Alibaba Cloud customers by providing visibility into cloud cost and usage, streamlining decision-making with custom reports and dashboards, and mapping costs back to business units or projects. Enterprises can view all their public cloud costs, including Alibaba, in a single platform.

Gain visibility into cloud cost and usage

  • Gain visibility into your Alibaba Cloud environment with cost and usage reports. Leverage historical data for accurate forecasting and capacity planning.
  • Review the current month’s costs, the previous month’s costs, and cost trends for the past 13 months of data.
  • Leverage preconfigured or customizable reports and dashboards to monitor the performance of your Alibaba resources.

Simplify financial management

  • Create organizational cost reports and customized reports for groups, departments and project owners to help them manage costs for services and align with budgets.
  • Analyze key metrics, simplify budget tracking, and drive financial accountability.
  • Dynamically allocate assets and costs to custom business groupings.
  • Easily share valuable insights with individuals or teams with subscription-based reporting.

Align cloud data to business context

  • Map costs back to business units or cost projects with VMware Aria Cost Perspectives.
  • Build reports across various dimensions to perform granular analysis on cost, usage and asset data.
  • Analyze data in near-real time from your Alibaba Cloud environment across any variable based on criteria you define.

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Key benefits

  • Gain visibility into your Alibaba Cloud environment
  • Simplify financial management
  • Align business context to Alibaba Cloud data

Key features

  • Dashboard – See the cost and usage overview with historical costs separated by service categories. 
  • Multi-Cloud Cost History Report – Utilize a single point of reference across clouds.
  • FlexReports – Build reports across various dimensions to perform granular analysis on cost, usage and asset data. 
  • Cost History Report – Gain visibility into cost trends with the ability to slice and dice data using Perspectives.
  • Perspectives – Group resources by user-defined business groups, such as line of business, functional area, and cost center. 
  • Derived Assets – Gain asset visibility as derived from billing artifacts.