CloudHealth Makes Cloud Management Simple

Cloud infrastructures have the potential to become highly optimized, intelligent systems that improve enterprises, if you are able to manage them effectively. Management and security tools traditionally built for data centers won’t necessarily work in cloud environments and, as more users ramp up, it’s easy for cloud cost and usage to spin out of control. CloudHealth is the most trusted cloud service management platform, providing business intelligence across your entire AWS infrastructure. The platform gives you the ability to effectively analyze, optimize, and govern your cloud environment to drive confident decision-making and smarter growth.


Cloud Management Is Not One-Size-Fits-All. CloudHealth Is.

With users across multiple departments deploying new services, applications, and assets, the rate of change is beyond the scale of human management. CloudHealth brings global consolidated visibility and on-demand reporting across your entire cloud environment so you can drive accountability within your organization.

We want to make sure we’re running efficiently...CloudHealth has saved us countless man hours, as well as 38-50% of our monthly AWS costs.
— Adam Japhet, Head of Technology Services Architecture & Design, Scholastic

What Can CloudHealth Do For You?

Maximize Your Cloud Investment

Evaluate your AWS environment with resource-based groupings across all accounts, lines of business, and cost centers. Model quotes, purchase, and manage the full lifecycle of Amazon Reserved Instances. CloudHealth customers save an average of 20-30% on monthly cloud spend.

Improve Efficiency

Pinpoint opportunities for improvement across cost, usage, and performance. Identify underutilized infrastructure and get actionable recommendations for rightsizing critical AWS infrastructure across all key metrics, leveraging your preferred performance management partner.

Centralize Cloud Governance

Simplify daily cloud operations by implementing policies to proactively alert and take automated actions related to cost spikes, tagging compliance issues, underutilized infrastructure, and more. CloudHealth customers reclaim hundreds of hours per year.

Mitigate Security Risks

Continuously monitor your AWS environment for security vulnerabilities with automated policies and alerts. Remediate violations with recommended actions and access to best practice documentation.

My favorite part of CloudHealth is the level of organization within the platform—It allows you to manage multiple accounts, which has been hugely useful for us. There are limited views, as well as holistic ones, which is key when you have as many subsidiaries as we do.
— Charmaine Honeycutt, Senior Director of Operations, Ziff Davis