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Migrating to Microsoft Azure promises improved agility, innovation, and scalability, but the cloud requires a substantially different management approach than on-premises environments. As your cloud usage grows, financial management, optimization and governance, and security and compliance become key areas of concern. Don’t let these concerns slow down your time to market and increase your costs.

Thousands of customers around the world depend on CloudHealth to support their current and future business goals. The platform gives you the ability to optimize, and govern your Microsoft Azure or multicloud environment.

A Single Pane of Glass for Your Azure Environment

With hundreds of cloud consumers across the distributed enterprise, consuming thousands of different services, the scale of cloud operations is beyond the complexity that traditional tools or processes can handle. CloudHealth delivers consolidated visibility and reporting across your entire cloud environment so you can drive accountability and improve governance and control.

Key Benefits

Increase Agility

Deliver higher quality products and solutions faster, while keeping costs under control and reducing complexity. With complete visibility into spend, you can confidently control your cloud journey.

Improve Collaboration

Drive consistent best practices throughout your organization for increased productivity, improved collaboration, and communication.

Drive Innovation

Spend more time on innovation, less time on menial tasks. With CloudHealth, you can set guardrails to be notified, or take automated action, when infrastructure violates policy.

The project took a year to complete, but the result is a reduction in our Azure costs by 60%. We are still optimising now at a different level, and expect to drive our bill down another 10-20% in the coming year.
— Arie Van Den Bos, Cloud Systems Engineer, Ve Global

Services Beyond the Platform

CloudHealth by VMware provides a world-class cloud success service to make sure you get the most value out of your cloud investment. As part of the service, you are granted exclusive access to a Technical Account Manager and Corporate Account Manager who will act as trusted advisors of the platform and secure the alignment of your business goals and objectives. It also includes comprehensive training and education, onboarding, ongoing enablement, and technical support. Additionally, we offer professional services that help you accomplish tasks that you don’t have the time and resources for internally, while taking your cloud governance and optimization to the next level.

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Key Benefits

  • Increase agility
  • Improve collaboration
  • Drive innovation

Why CloudHealth?

CloudHealth delivers consolidated visibility and reporting across your entire cloud environment so you can drive accountability and improve governance and control

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