Get the most value out of the CloudHealth® platform by participating in training offerings specific to your job role or responsibilities.

Types of Training

Introductory Courses

Our introductory courses will give you the basic skills for using CloudHealth to analyze and take action on your data. Learn how to tailor the CloudHealth platform for your organization’s needs.

On-Demand Videos

Learn more about specific capabilities by viewing short, self-paced, how-to videos on topics including account setup, reports, containers, policies, Perspectives, and other areas of focus.

Self-paced E-learning Courses

These introductory courses cover the basic skills for using CloudHealth to analyze and take action on your data.

Power of The Platform Series

This webinar-style virtual training series provides you with a deep dive on specific, rotating topics. Learn about features that can enhance your cloud management practice and how CloudHealth can work to solve real-world business problems.

Customer Success Service Offerings

In addition to all the items previously mentioned, those with a Customer Success Service package get access to the following items.

Role-Based Onboarding Training Paths

  • Cloud Administrator – For users responsible for administering users, building Perspectives, and managing cloud infrastructure(s).
  • Cloud operations – For technical users not performing administrative functions but are focused on the optimization of cloud infrastructure and operations. Responsibilities may include tracking costs against a budget, analyzing infrastructure for rightsizing, purchasing reservations, andconfiguring new accounts.
  • FinOps practitioner – For users more focused on optimizing spend to maximize the value of cloud infrastructure. This looks at aspects of the CloudHealth platform that include cost allocation, budgeting, analyzing spending trends, managing cloud reservations, and eliminating wasted spend.

Supplemental Services

Our Education Services team can provide on-site training, private virtual sessions, and customized course content. For more details, contact us at

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CloudHealth Training offerings

  • Introductory courses
  • On-demand videos
  • Self-paced e-learning courses
  • Role-based onboarding training paths
  • Advanced specialty topics