While public cloud enables you to deliver applications to customers with efficiency and agility, it also places the responsibility of security in the cloud in the landscape of evolving cloud services and constantly changing resources. As security breaches due to cloud misconfigurations rise, it is important to gain visibility and proactively monitor cloud asset configurations to manage risk.


Introducing CloudHealth Secure State Free Tier

CloudHealth Secure State is a real-time, contextual cloud native configuration security platform that enables organizations to automate and scale security with ease across millions of assets within thousands of cloud accounts. Developer and security operations teams looking for an intelligent cloud security posture management approach can get instant access to CloudHealth Secure State Free Tier to improve resource visibility and reduce misconfigurations in a cloud account and a Kubernetes cluster of their choice.

CloudHealth Secure State is a real driver for collaboration between Axway’s disparate security, operations, DevOps and R&D teams. CloudHealth Secure State delivers actionable intelligence about cloud risks to help each team meet its varying cloud security objectives. The service is unique in its ability to deliver additional context that’s often missing in cloud security.
— David Starler, Director of cloud security, Axway

Our Unique Interconnected Cloud Security Model

As you onboard your cloud accounts, CloudHealth Secure State maps cloud objects, data and relationships, which are updated continuously to model your changing cloud environment. The service applies best practices based on pre-defined security & compliance benchmarks to this data lake and reports any security violations. This unique data model helps you visualize and examine any security violation detected in your cloud stack across both cloud and Kubernetes resources and understand heightened risk due to adjacent objects’ risk posture.

It only takes a few minutes to fill a form, add a cloud account, and start using CloudHealth Secure State Free Tier. Within no time, the service maps your cloud resources, relationships, and meta data, giving you an easy way to search inventory and understand your cloud architecture. Free tier includes pre-defined security and compliance best practices such as Center for Internet Security benchmarks to provide deep insight into misconfiguration risks.

Figure 1: An example of Kubernetes service account associated with an IAM Role, and permissions assigned to each of the workloads.

Free Tier Benefits

Using one platform you can get an overview of cloud inventory and secure cloud native infrastructure with a unique ability to detect advanced misconfigurations due to relationships between cloud & Kubernetes resources. For example, Figure 1 shows that in an Amazon EKS cluster, a cloud IAM role (cloud resources) can be attached with a Kubernetes service account (K8s resources). And if you accidentally assign a high privilege cloud role with admin level access, you could end up exposing your cloud account.

Investigate Issues:

  • Easily find cloud resources with simple, type-ahead search.
  • Understand relationships between cloud resources with visual graphs
  • Inspect resource meta-data and track configuration changes over time

Reduce Misconfigurations:

  • Benchmark security & compliance posture based on the latest CIS frameworks
  • Prioritize most critical misconfigurations and suppress false positives
  • Understand security context of a misconfiguration including the resource blast radius

Learn and collaborate:

  • Get instant service access to start securing your cloud environment within minutes
  • Learn security best practices with easy access to rules wiki, documentation, and community support
  • Invite team members to collaborate on your journey to minimize security risk

Compare CloudHealth Secure State features by edition type:

CloudHealth Secure State Editions Free Tier Enterprise
Assets Monitored 1 Cloud account and K8 cluster  Unlimited
Cloud Inventory
  • Update frequency
  • Search queries
  • Data retention
  • Daily
  • 300/month
  • 30 days
  • Near real-time
  • Unlimited
  • 13 months
Security Operations
Violation risk scores    
Policy suppression    
Multiple users    
Automated remediation    
Projects with RBAC    
Ticketing integrations Email & Slack Jira Cloud, Webhook Email, Slack, SQS, Splunk
Built-in compliance benchmarks    
Pre-defined security rules    
Custom security rules    
Custom compliance frameworks    
Pre-scheduled reports    
Support VMware docs
Community support
VMware docs
Community support
Dedicated customer success team
Supported Clouds and Services
Public clouds       
Managed kubernetes services Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine
Self-Managed kubernetes  
Supported resource types 350+

You can sign-up for CloudHealth Secure State Free Tier and get first-hand experience of our service. Click here to create your free account.

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