Your customers are embracing Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be more competitive, agile, and flexible. However, most of them don’t have the skill sets to manage the complexity that can come with cloud environments and don’t want to invest valuable time and effort in doing so. Your customers rely heavily on cloud experienced managed service providers to get the value-added services that they need.

The Challenge

As an AWS managed service provider, it is important that you understand your customers’ AWS contracts and accurately process their resource needs. You need to precisely track any discounts or charges to your customers and apply them automatically to save time and effort. Tracking all of these custom arrangements effectively without missing charges can be challenging. Your core value comes from building innovative IT solutions for your customers; any additional time spent handling invoice operations just gets in the way of that goal. How do you mitigate that? How do you stay competitive and relevant to your customers?

Introducing Custom Pricing Books

CloudHealth has developed Custom Price Books to address these requests for you. It will give you more control, visibility, and transparency into unique pricing arrangements with your customer base.

Manage Complex Contracts with Ease

Every partner has unique customer contracts. Pricing might differ by region, resource types, the type of service level offered, or the size of the environment. With Custom Price Books, you can easily implement the discount structure agreed on with your customer. As the discount structure changes, you can easily update the price book and commit it. This helps you save time and effort, and helps your customer better understand the true cost of their services.

Automate Execution of Contracts

To automate billing, the process should be repeatable, reliable and easy to implement. We have made Custom Price Books simple to execute and deploy across your customers’ AWS contracts.

Once you understand the critical factors of your customers’ billing contracts, you can automate the way pricing is rendered through CloudHealth Custom Price Books. As these contract requirements change, you can easily update the price book to reflect the new pricing, while maintaining a record of historical pricing. You can integrate the price books with your existing tools like Salesforce so that you maintain a single source of truth, and expose pricing contracts to a system that’s easy for your sales and operations teams to interpret.

Once you create a price book you can apply it to one or multiple customers, saving time and effort by making it easy to manage bulk updates. Assign a price book to one set of applicable customers and use another price book for non-applicable customers—it’s that simple. This will help you manage processes better, improve ROI, and be more transparent with all stakeholders.


Managing multiple AWS customers with different pricing contracts can be difficult. CloudHealth helps you simplify that process while saving time and money. With Custom Price Books you can reflect your customers’ contracts transparently while automating processes, thus improving your ROI. You can be confident that the complex contracts you’ve built with your customers can be accurately represented and easily maintained. CloudHealth Custom Price Books let you easily scale your billing operations as you continue to grow your business.

With Custom Price Books:

  • Manage complex contacts with ease
  • Automate execution of contracts

Examples of What You can Automate to Help Scale:

  • Discounts by resource type
  • Percent increase based on a specific product
  • Discounts applicable to one specific region
  • Flat rate for a particular resource
  • Percent increase on a range of service types and operations

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