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CloudHealth Customer Success Service is Your Trusted Partner for Optimizing Your Customer Experience

Being a successful cloud managed service provider depends on your skills and technology, but also in how well you deliver value and drive positive business outcomes for you customers. As you scale your business and add more managed services and customers -- and encounter more competitors -- it becomes imperative to understand the health of your customer base, minimize customer churn, and maximize retention.

Hundreds of cloud managed service providers, global systems integrators, and consulting firms rely on CloudHealth to gain visibility and reporting across all their customer tenants. As part of the Customer Success Service (CSS), Customer Health Analytics provides CloudHealth partners with detailed analysis of the health of their cloud business and the health of their customers’ cloud environments, benchmarked against their peers.

A Proven Methodology to Optimize Customer Health


Gain Visibility into Your Cloud Business

The challenge for MSPs is how to define success, measure it over time, and compare it to industry peers. Customer Health Analytics, based on a deep, aggregate set of data points from direct customer and partners, provides key metrics for understanding the health of your business. Metrics include net retention, cloud spend per customer, changes in cloud spending over time, and variance against spending forecasts. You’ll get an aggregate score, developed from detailed data you can use to evaluate business and customer health and benchmark against peers.

Analyze Health Scores

Customer Health Analytics is a measured approach to how CloudHealth defines the health of a customer. Customer Health Analytics provides a health score that is developed using your customers’ actual implementation and thousands of data points captured from direct partners and customers and maintained over time. Customer Health Analytics is a proven methodology we share with our partners so they can maintain customer health and long-term value of their customers.

Monthly Analysis and Go-to-Market Expertise

Data is only as valuable as the analysis that transforms it into usable information. A monthly readout of your Customer Health Analytics score is included with CSS. Each month, your CloudHealth Technical Account Manager (TAM) analyses the data and give you actionable insights. You’ll understand how CloudHealth develops the scores, how they’re trending, and how you can use that data to improve your business. You’ll have detailed information on churn rates, status of tenants, cloud spending, and much more. With your TAM, you can drill down visually into particular health scores for specific customers. You’ll know whether you’re trending in the right direction and get recommendations for actions to take to maintain and increase health scores over time.

customer health analytics for partners dashboard

Shorten Time to Value

Customer Health Analytics provides a simple, easy to understand score based on the important metrics that define your customers’ experience and measure business outcomes. As part of CloudHealth by VMware’s world-class cloud success service, Customer Health Analytics adds even more value to your CloudHealth investment by providing detailed visibility into your customer experience and business success.

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A Proven Methodology to Optimize Customer Health

  • Gain visibility into your cloud business
  • Analyze health scores
  • Monthly analysis and go-to-market expertise