Part of our commitment to your success includes a comprehensive onboarding during your first 90 days using the platform. The CloudHealth Technologies onboarding methodology is based on hundreds of successful customer implementations around the world. Our approach focuses on “teaching to fish,” which will empower you to become a platform expert, with the knowledge to administer and use the platform to its fullest potential. This document outlines the CloudHealth Technologies customer onboarding methodology, and will give you an overview of what to expect during the initial 90-days of your implementation.

We will designate a Technical Account Manager (TAM) to lead the implementation activities. The TAM is responsible for ensuring your implementation is successful and will also act as your primary point of contact. Additionally, your TAM will ensure you get the most value out of the platform. A critical component of success will also come from the resources you commit from your team: you are responsible for designating a Cloud Steward, an Executive Sponsor, and a Technical Contact to support the implementation.

The Key Responsibilities of Each Role Include:

Cloud Steward

The Cloud Steward is a cross-functional individual responsible for the ongoing optimization and governance of the cloud infrastructure. They define and manage automated policies, analyze cost, usage, performance, and security across environments, and make recommendations on capacity planning, modeling, and forecasting.

Executive Sponsor

The Executive Sponsor is a senior member of your team who owns the business case and has a deep understanding and awareness of how the project will help the organization achieve its goals.

Technical Contact

The Technical Contact is a member who is involved in the day to day operations of the platform, usually a user with administrative privileges.

The services described within are included for customers purchasing the Customer Success Service package. Additional professional services are available if you require assistance beyond those provided below.

What to Expect During Your First 90 Days

90 day implementation guide

Our 90 Day Implementation Methodology

90 day implementation

Cloud Environment Setup

You are responsible for setting up your cloud environment and providing the information and access needed to successfully configure the CloudHealth platform. This process will be supported by your designated TAM. The platform setup includes:

  • Providing CloudHealth the right policy permission to view customer cloud provider data and/or configuring data center accounts.
  • Configuring customer cloud accounts (e.g. CloudWatch, CloudTrail, EA, etc.) for access.
  • Setting up access for potential out-of-the-box integrations (e.g. New Relic, DataDog, Ansible, etc.)
  • Setting up potential policy actions (e.g. Run Lambda functions, Release EIP, Delete EBS volumes, etc.) in your environment.

Training Options Tailored to Your Needs/Included Services:

  • Tailored training plan
  • Unlimited access to self-paced videos and live webinars
  • Up to 6 private virtual instructor-led sessions (select from available courses)
  • Recording of private virtual instructor-led sessions
  • Available instructor-led courses:

- Platform Overview

- Governance Policies and Automation

- Cost Management & Usage Analysis

- Perspectives Management

- Performance, Rightsizing, and RI Management - User-Management

Supplemental Services:

  • Private Virtual Instructor-led Training
  • Onsite Training
  • Custom Training

Kickoff Meeting

Your TAM will setup a kickoff call to go over the 30-60-90 day strategic implementation plan. During this call, your TAM will ensure that goals are aligned between both parties. Using their visibility into your environment, the TAM will point out any low hanging fruit adjustments that you may benefit from. In addition, the TAM will make sure that the roles of each team member of both parties are clear and aligned (e.g. Executive Sponsor, Cloud Steward, Business Stakeholders, etc.). The TAM will also provide a 90 day timeline on the platform implementation and align expectations related to onboarding. If needed, a Technical Review session will be scheduled with a technical contact from your organization to finalize the platform configuration. Finally, Training will be discussed and finalized during this session. The deliverable from this meeting is the presentation deck detailing the 30-60-90 day plan and an updated training plan. The TAM will communicate periodically to the Executive Sponsor on the progress of the 30-60-90 day plan.

Technical Review

The TAM will work with the Cloud Steward and Technical Contact(s) from your organization to finalize the configuration of your accounts. The TAM will highlight any unconfigured functionalities that will impact getting the value of CHT. Areas that the TAM will check for are:

Account Configuration

  • Are all accounts healthy?
  • Is CloudWatch properly configured? AWS Config? CloudTrail?
  • If applicable: are data center agents/aggregators healthy?

Performance Metrics

  • Are Performance Metrics being pushed to CloudHealth? (e.g. Datadog, CloudHealth Agent, etc.)


  • Are Perspectives properly setup? Is the number of Assets Not Allocated acceptable?

User Roles / Organizations

  • Are the right user roles setup ? If needed, are organizations setup?
  • SSO configuration


Once the pertinent users have attended the Perspectives Management training module, it is expected that they will be able to maintain the Perspectives created during the trial stage and also be able to create additional Perspectives. Your TAM will assist you in creating Perspectives on an as-needed basis via workshops.* Your TAM will also advise and assist with tagging standards based on CloudHealth Tech’s tagging best practices


Once the pertinent users have attended the Governance Policies & Automation training module, it is expected that they will be able to update the Policies created during trial stage and also able to create additional Policies. Your TAM will assist in creating Policies on an as-needed basis via workshops.*


Once the pertinent users have attended the Cost & Usage and Perspectives Management training modules, it is expected that they will be able to create custom reports as well as leverage the canned reports that are provided in the platform. Your TAM will assist on an as-needed basis to gather the report requirements and create the reports and custom dashboards.* Your TAM will also share CloudHealth Tech’s reporting best practices based to the appropriate stakeholders.


Once the pertinent users have attended the Performance, Rightsizing & RI training module, it is expected that they will be able to effectively leverage the platform’s Rightsizing and Reservation Management capabilities. your TAM will assist on an as-needed basis via workshops.*

*Your TAM will spend up to 8 hrs on workshops and proactive technical assistance during the 90 day onboarding period to make sure you are successful at setting up and using the system If you require additional assistance, you may want to consider purchasing supplemental professional services.




30 Day Check-In

Your TAM will check in with the Cloud Steward and Executive Sponsor on the 30-day mark to make sure the implementation is on track.

60 Day Check-In

Aside from other ad-hoc sessions that may occur, your TAM will review implementation progress with the Cloud Steward on the 60 day mark once the training has been fully completed (i.e. all six modules completed). Your TAM will assist in overcoming any potential obstacles and provide assistance to implement any recommendations that the platform generates. In addition, your TAM will point out any potential saving opportunities or areas that may require attention.

Executive Business Reviews (EBR)

Your TAM will conduct a business review with key stakeholders from your organization. The required attendees for this meeting are: the Cloud Steward, the Executive Sponsor, and the Technical Contact(s). The first business review will be scheduled on the 90-day mark.

During the Initial EBR, Your TAM will Review the Following:

  • Implementation Status
  • Customer Health Score (i.e. How CloudHealth scores the customer based on CloudHealth standards)
  • Results from the previous 90 days
  • Major obstacles to success (and how to get back on track)
  • New products or features you might be interested in
  • Vertical & spend-level benchmarking
  • Areas for additional adoption or value realization
  • New goals and next steps
  • Closeout of the implementation project


Beyond the Initial Onboarding

At the completion of the 90-day checkpoint and first executive business review, the emphasis will shift to ongoing technical support, best practices, and ongoing enablement. You will have unlimited access to our Technical Support team.

Targeted Initial Response Times
(within business hours)
Targeted Initial Response Times
(within business hours)*
URGENT ...................................... 1 HOUR URGENT ...................................... 4 HOURS
HIGH ........................................... 2 HOURS
NORMAL ..................................... 4 HOURS NORMAL ..................................... 4 HOURS
LOW ........................................... 8 HOURS LOW ........................................... 8 HOURS

*Business hours: North America 8am-8pm ET, International 8am-8pm GMT

Supplemental Services

Additional professional services and training are available as supplemental services. Supplemental services are not included in the price of the Customer Success Service. Services are priced on either a packaged price basis or for a blended rate of $250 USD per hour plus travel and expense.


This monthly service is designed to help you identify areas in your cloud environment where you can reduce cost, boost efficiency, and improve governance. This includes everything from finding unused or zombie instances that can be deleted, rightsizing infrastructure, defining policies to enforce tagging rules, or purchasing Reserved Instances.


This monthly service is designed to help you identify key workloads and specific performance requirements by group. This engagement can help by providing a monthly review of your infrastructure, and identifying and prioritizing key actions and recommendations to be implemented. We will deliver a monthly custom performance optimization matrix to support ongoing client utilization.


This monthly service is designed to help you define and execute a reservation strategy for continuous optimization. The engagement focuses on aligning your corporate goals to capital budgets by department or line of business, as related to cloud infrastructure management. We will outline best practices, and deliver monthly reservation recommendations for purchases and modifications, based on overall strategy and initiatives.


This service is comprised of two phases. The first phase consists of a top-down business analysis of Perspectives/ groups, reporting and policy requirements for stakeholders across the organization. This service delivers a detailed mapping of data analysis needs and corresponding reports (cost, usage, performance and governance) for each functional business group to de ne accountability and maximize efficiency. The primary objective of this service is to develop the framework for continual infrastructure optimization through decentralized management with centralized governance controls.


In the event that a current CloudHealth Technologies customer requires multiple existing CloudHealth accounts to be merged -- for example in the case of a corporate merger or acquisition -- we offer an Account Migration service. This service includes migration of the following account attributes:

  • Cloud Accounts
  • User Setup
  • Organizations
  • Perspectives
  • Custom Reports, Dashboards and Subscriptions
  • Policy and Actions

We can also populate the newly merged system with your legacy billing information by leveraging past detailed billing record files. A CloudHealth Technologies consultant will work with you to determine the best migration method.


Customer Benchmarking allows our clients to gain visibility around how they compare to their peers as it relates to the management of their cloud infrastructure. A CloudHealth Technologies consultant will work with you to understand how you function as a business and discuss functional and technical intricacies of how you manage your infrastructure. CloudHealth will research and leverage anonymized industry data, anonymized CloudHealth information, and best practices to create a benchmark report showing how you compare against your peers.

The goal of this service will be to identify opportunities to help guide our clients toward running an optimal environment based on similar companies.

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CloudHealth is Committed to Helping You Succeed

  • 90-day implementation plan
  • Cloud environment setup help
  • Technical reviews to ensure successful configuration
  • 30-60-90 check-ins to review progress and challenges
  • Supplemental services after onboarding for long-term success

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