The Challenge with Managing Resource Efficiency

In a growing cloud environment, it’s time-consuming to track down which resources are running, in which families, and who owns them. The over-provisioning or underutilization of cloud resources can quickly lead to wasted spend. Organizations using manual analytic models across tens of thousands of resources often find it difficult and overwhelming to rightsize their environment —a challenge that worsens as they increase their use of cloud services or adopt a multi-cloud strategy.

Improve Resource Utilization and Optimize Costs

The rightsizing capabilities of VMware Aria Cost™ powered by CloudHealth® make it easy to quickly identify underutilized infrastructure and get recommendations for downgrading or terminating assets. Recommendations are based on utilization and performance metrics (e.g., CPU, memory, disk) that can be ingested into the platform via APIs, integration partners, or a VMware Aria Cost Agent. Recommendations are customizable so they align with your unique business goals. You have the power to set performance thresholds, adjust efficiency targets, and act on recommendations right from the VMware Aria Cost platform.

Amazon Web Services

VMware Aria Cost provides rightsizing recommendations for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances and Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes. The platform lets you create custom efficiency targets so the recommendations align with your business goals. For Amazon EC2 instances, VMware Aria Cost ingests data on CPU, memory, disk, network I/O and disk I/O. 

The rightsizing report provides recommendations to downgrade your underutilized instances both within a family or across families. You can also decide if you want recommendations to include downgrading to burstable performance instances. For EBS volumes, the platform gathers read/writebytes, read/write IOPS, read/write time, and throughput metrics.

Microsoft Azure

The platform delivers rightsizing recommendations for Azure Virtual Machines and Azure SQL Databases. The rightsizing reports allow you to create custom efficiency targets based on maximum and average metrics. For Azure Virtual Machines, your score is calculated using CPU, memory and disk metrics. VMwareAria Cost powered by CloudHealth provides the ability to automatically resize Azure Virtual Machines within the platform. For Azure SQL Databases, the report is based on database transaction units (DTUs), database size, and capacity.The platform provides same-family or cross-family rightsizing recommendations based on the metrics gathered for each resource.

Google Cloud Platform

VMware Aria Cost provides a rightsizing report for Google Compute Engine (GCE) instances. The report displays recommendations to increase or decrease the size of GCE instances based on CPU or RAM utilization. The recommendations summary displays the total number of opportunities to rightsize, improve performance, and save on costs. It also displays your projected total monthly savings if you implement all the recommendations in the report.

Data Center Machines

The platform provides recommendations for rightsizing virtual machines (VMs). CPU, memory and disk metrics are retrieved via the VMware Aria Cost Agent for public cloud accounts, and via the VMware aggregator for VMware vSphere® accounts. VMware Aria Cost will recommend the ideal machine configuration that most closely matches the source machine’s metrics requirements.

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What is rightsizing?
  • Analyzing utilization and performance
  • Determining workload requirements
  • Increasing or decreasing the size of resources as needed 
Tailored to your business

VMware Aria Cost rightsizing recommendations are built on user-defined business goals. Set performance thresholds that align with your business key performance indicators (KPIs), and take advantage of advanced filtering capabilities, region visibility, and custom efficiency targets.

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