Scale Intelligent Business Decisions

CloudHealth is the Most Trusted Cloud Management Platform Used to Accelerate Business Transformation in the Cloud.

Customers are adopting multiple clouds to gain agility, flexibility, and control. However, financial management, governance, and security compliance become key areas of concern as cloud usage grows. Don’t let these concerns slow down your time to market and increase your costs.

Thousands of customers around the world depend on CloudHealth to support their current and future business goals. The platform gives you the ability to optimize, secure, and govern the largest and most complex multicloud environments.

Increase Agility

Deliver higher quality products and solutions faster, while keeping costs under control and reducing complexity. With complete visibility into spend, you can confidently control your cloud journey.

Improve Collaboration

Align business units and departments to make decisions faster. Drive consistent best practices throughout your organization for increased productivity, improved collaboration, and communication. 

Drive Innovation

Spend more time on innovation, less time on menial tasks. With CloudHealth, you can set guardrails to be notified, or take automated action, when infrastructure violates policy.


How the Platform Works

CloudHealth ingests and aggregates data from cloud providers, containerized or on-premises environments, and third-party integration tools, to become your single source of truth for multicloud management.

Visualize and Report

Categorize and view your assets by logical business groupings to discover trends and drive accountability

Optimize and Recommend

Get actionable recommendations to manage reservations and Savings Plans, rightsize assets, and more

Govern via Policies

Configure rules to execute custom workflows based on guidelines you define

Automate Actions

Stop, start, resize, or terminate infrastructure, send alerts, and schedule events

Prior to CloudHealth, we had been reactionary, but we are now proactive and able to effectively manage our cloud environment in ways never before thought possible.
— Anees Iqbal, Sr. Director of Cloud Services, VMware

Services Beyond the Platform

CloudHealth by VMware provides a world-class cloud success service, including training and education, onboarding, ongoing enablement, and technical support. We also offer professional services that help you accomplish tasks that you don’t have the time and resources for internally, while taking your cloud governance and optimization to the next level. “As a company grows, CloudHealth is right there with you. The team does a fantastic job putting recommendations into action” says Jeannie Finks, Strategic and Technical Operations Director, Strategic PMO at Acquia.

CloudHealth answered all our needs in terms of performance, cost, and the user-friendliness of the tool. It was important for us to have one tool that could centralize cost visibility across our different cloud environments.
— Jean-Jacques Morris, FinOps Manager, CCoE, Thales DIS

How the CloudHealth Platform Works:

  • Visualize and Report
  • Optimize and Recommend
  • Govern via Policies
  • Automate Actions