Figure 1: VMware (CloudHealth) is an AWS partner.

The Challenge with Cloud Migration

Organizations looking to migrate to the cloud face big decisions and challenges, such as which workloads they want to migrate, and what approach they should take. The biggest barrier to getting started, however, is determining which workloads are suitable for migration and understanding the TCO of migrating them to the cloud.

How CloudHealth Can Help

The CloudHealth® Migration Assessment simplifies the process of migrating assets from your data centers to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This feature enables you to efficiently assess and model workloads for migration, and then manage and optimize your infrastructure for cost, usage, performance and security once you are running in the cloud. This helps reduce complexity and move faster in your cloud migration process.

CloudHealth delivers intelligent insights that help you optimize costs, streamline operations, and improve cross-organizational collaboration across your multi-cloud environment.

What Is The CloudHealth Migration Assessment?

The CloudHealth platform continuously monitors the performance and configuration of physical and virtual servers running in one or more data centers. CloudHealth then analyzes this data and provides recommendations for moving a workload or a subset of infrastructure running the workload. Recommendations are made on asset types, region, reservations, and associated projected costs. This allows you to compare the TCO of running workloads on-premises with the public cloud, and make intelligent migration decisions.

AWS Migration

Figure 2: The migration assessment provides recommendations on asset types, region, reservations, and associated projected costs.

How The Migration Assessment Works

1. Agentlessly connect CloudHealth to your VMware vCenter® environment, or deploy lightweight agents on assets to be migrated with ease. As a prerequisite, an aggregator needs to be deployed on vCenter. If you’re a VMware vRealize® Operations™ customer, you can leverage the vRealize Operations Integration for CloudHealth to connect.

2. CloudHealth analyzes the performance and configuration of your assets.

3. CloudHealth outputs recommendations on cost, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) types and reservations, and region, and provides an ROI analysis.

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1VMware FY22 H2 Benchmark: Digital Momentum; N=557 enterprise (5,000+ employee) technology decision-makers.

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Digital Momentum Benchmarks


  • 81 percent of enterprises expect to be multi-cloud by 2024.1
  • More than 80 percent growth in total apps of organizations with three or more public clouds is expected from 2021–2024.1