The Challenge

Container adoption has spiked in the last few years. Providing agility, flexibility and simplicity containers are influencing IT strategy and roadmap. Gartner reports that “By 2018, more than 50% of new workloads will be deployed into containers in at least one stage of the application lifecycle.”1

However, one of the challenges associated with running a containerized environment, whether it’s in the data center or in the public cloud, is maintaining visibility and governance in a dynamic environment. This is critical for making informed strategic decisions, allocating costs, and driving accountability.

What Can CloudHealth Do For You?

CloudHealth Technologies provides you granular visibility into cluster resource consumption through its Container Module. With CloudHealth, you can:

  • Boost confidence with complete visibility. Our Container Module helps you understand resource consumption at a service and cluster level. It will help you understand which service or team is consuming what resources so that you can determine if you have the right set of resources -- in the right locations -- to properly support your cluster.
  • Optimize your infrastructure for containers. You can optimize your resource clusters using our Container Module. This will help you rightsize your environment and avoid wastage translating into more accountability, increased savings and can lead to showback/ chargeback for your container environment.
  • Discover opportunities to reduce spend. With a simple few clicks you can understand current consumption patterns for capacity planning, trending, and forecasting.
  • Choice in container orchestrator. The CloudHealth Container Module supports you on all the leading orchestrators including Kubernetes, Mesos and ECS.
CloudHealth lets us maximize the value of our container deployment by telling us how well utilized it is and whether our clusters have the right mix of resources supporting it. That level of insight enables us to make informed, strategic business decisions without additional overhead.
— Ben Chess, Director of Engineering, Yelp

What Is The Container Module And How Does It Work? 

Container Module provides you with complete visibility into resource utilization, allocation and resource spend information. Get started by deploying a lightweight container collector onto each cluster. The collector queries the master to gather information about the available resources and how they’re being allocated to workloads. This information is securely transmitted to CloudHealth for analysis. CloudHealth can then group, categorize, trend, and forecast this data, helping you answer questions such as “who is consuming my cluster resources?” and “do I have the right infrastructure supporting my cluster?”

Gartner: Containers will Change Your Data Center Infrastructure and Operations Strategy, March 2016


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CloudHealth Container Module Supports:

Amazon ECS

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