Your Opportunity as a Service Provider in the Public Cloud

It all boils down to your bottom line. What can you do to significantly improve margins and capitalize on one of the largest business opportunities in the history of IT? In order to monetize the public cloud, you must build and deliver cloud-agnostic offerings, from migration through optimization. Your success hinges on your ability to provide differentiated value to your customers while keeping up with evolving cloud technology.


Why Partner with CloudHealth by VMware?

CloudHealth is the most trusted software platform for accelerating global business transformation in the cloud. The platform provides robust functionality and optimization across on-premises, public, hybrid, or multicloud environments. Hundreds of partners around the world depend on CloudHealth to deliver services that bring value to their customers who don’t have the time or expertise.

As a CloudHealth by VMware partner, you gain access to a team of experts dedicated to driving your success. We will help design new service packages and develop strategies to increase your margins. The power of the CloudHealth platform will enable you to gain visibility, optimize cloud resources, and implement business policies to facilitate governance of your client’s cloud.


Key Benefits

Centralize Customer Management

Gain visibility and reporting across all customer tenants from one console

Streamline Billing

Easily scale your billing operations as you continue to grow your business

Drive Profitability

Identify and take advantage of opportunities to increase your profit margins


Manage and Operate at Scale

  • Consolidate, aggregate, and invoice customer cloud spend
  • Manage margins via markup/markdown and arbitrage
  • Integrate with general ledger, custom price books, and invoicing system
  • Automate onboarding and customer entitlement via APIs
  • Leverage predictive recommendation engines
  • Maximize recurring revenue streams with organic and CloudHealth driven growth
Our ability to seamlessly manage multiple cloud environments for our customers, while continuously adding value without spending time on undifferentiated tasks, is paramount to our success. CloudHealth’s policy-driven approach to cloud management, coupled with its automation capabilities, enables us to offer stronger levels of service for our customers, especially in highly dynamic environments.
— Alex Beal, Product Manager, Cloud Products, SHI

Extend Your Service Portfolio

  • Customized reporting by functional business groups called Perspectives
  • Cost, usage, and performance management reporting
  • Customer Health Checks
  • Optimization recommendations (e.g Reservation Management)
  • Governance policy management
  • Migration Assessments to the cloud
With CloudHealth, we have been able to deliver extraordinary customer value. We are empowered with the insights we need to drive business outcomes for our customers, no matter where they are in their cloud journey. Further, over the last 12 months, CloudHealth has enabled us to save over $2.5 million for our customers.
— Claudia Couzi, General Manager of Operational Services, AC3

CloudHealth Helps You

  • Manage and operate at scale
  • Extend your service portfolio

Key Features:

  • Centralize customer management
  • Streamline profitability
  • Drive profitability

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