The Challenge

In the past several years, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) adoption has grown exponentially. Forbes mentioned that Google Cloud is growing at 100%. Using Google Cloud Platform offers you the jumping board to realize the differentiation and flexibility that your business needs. However, whether you’re all-in on Google Cloud Platform or are adopting a multicloud strategy, one key challenge that customers face is a lack of cost and usage visibility by business group. The native tools from Google Cloud Platform or homegrown tools might not be enough from a multi-cloud support standpoint that most organizations need. How do you get the granular visibility in your Google Cloud Platform environment with policy-driven governance?

CloudHealth Platform Simplifies Your Google Cloud Platform Journey

CloudHealth is the most trusted platform to help organizations optimize and govern their multicloud environments. As a leader in the recent Cloud Cost Management and Optimization Wave from Forrester, CloudHealth works with more than 3,000 customers around the world on their journey to public cloud.

Specifically, for GCP, the CloudHealth Platform provides:

Granular Visibility at Your Fingertips

The CloudHealth Platform gives you granular visibility into resource usage across all GCP Projects. In addition to understanding resource consumption, you can see trending and analysis to make data-driven decisions and forecasts in real-time. You can further slice and dice the data based on any logical group that makes sense to your organization (e.g. by functions, users, business units, projects, etc).

Control Spend with Ease

Understanding costs and bills on Google Cloud Platform is not a simple task, especially if you want to look across many different Projects. CloudHealth presents this complex information through simple reports and dashboards to help customers identify root causes of spend increases, find opportunities to reduce cost.

Simplified Governance to Help You Scale Efficiently

CloudHealth empowers customers to govern their Google Cloud Platform through policy-driven governance. CloudHealth policies enable you to set guardrails for your environment and get alerted when cost and usage are out of compliance. This helps you stay ahead of potential problems and fix them before they get out of control.

A Single Platform to Manage All Your Clouds

With the CloudHealth Platform, you can gain visibility, manage spend, and govern all major public clouds like Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and VMware based clouds. Our cross-cloud dashboards give you complete insight into your multicloud environment.

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Track resource usage

Reduce costs with reports and dashboards

Policy-driven guardrails for your cloud

Unparalleled multicloud management

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