The Challenge

Government organisations in the United Kingdom are modernising IT infrastructures to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations and services. More specifically, central and local governments are adopting the public cloud to gain agility, flexibility, and control. However, without a defined approach for managing cloud infrastructure or easy access to secure information, government organisations are making decisions in silos and are consequently unable to control their cloud consumption.

The Cloud Centre of Excellence

As the digitisation of public services continues, organisations are establishing a cross-functional group, commonly referred to as a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE), to support and govern the execution of the organisation's cloud strategy. Members of the CCoE are seen as advisors who provide best practices, architectural standards, and guidance to agencies and departments across three areas of excellence: cloud financial management, operations, and security and compliance. A CCoE is intended to be a long-term entity, often nurturing a cultural change in the way an organisation adopts new technology and processes. 

I think the cloud centre of excellence is really an office of collaboration between all the different functions and stakeholders involved in the movement to the cloud.
— Tom Axbey, VP & GM at CloudHealth

How CloudHealth Can Help

CloudHealth helps organisations worldwide align their cloud initiatives to their business goals. Starting with the development of a CCoE, government organisations can deliver improved services to their citizens by accelerating their migration to the cloud, ensuring effective use of IT funds, and improving operational efficiency. The platform provides complete and secure visibility into cloud resources, enabling agencies to gain financial transparency and have greater engagement with departments to make faster and more informed decisions.

Move Faster in Your Cloud Migration Process

Assess and model your on-premises workloads for migration to the cloud of your choice, based on existing configuration or utilisation, and understand the associated total cost of ownership.

Align Business Context to Cloud Data

Get granular visibility into your cloud environment by building dynamic business groups to view and analyse your data and drive accountability to departments, projects, and applications using chargeback and showback. 

Optimize Resource Cost and Utilization

Identify opportunities to eliminate waste with custom rightsizing recommendations and take advantage of cloud provider pricing discounts to reduce operational costs.

Centralize Cloud Governance

Drive consistent governance best practices throughout your organisation by implementing policies that proactively alert stakeholders of violations and automate daily operations.

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How CloudHealth Can Help

  • Move faster in your cloud migration process
  • Align business context to cloud data
  • Optimise resource cost and utilisation
  • Centralise cloud governance