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Why CCoE’s are so instrumental in building a successful cloud function and a look at what’s worked for other organizations.
The key responsibilities of a CCoE and how the team can ensure successful cloud usage across their organization.
A breakdown of the CCoE’s three areas of excellence: cloud financial management, operations, and security & compliance.
A deep-dive into the three main steps to getting your CCoE up and running, including examples of what successful implementation looks like.

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About the CloudHealth by VMware Suite


CloudHealth by VMware enables enterprises to simplify cloud financial management, streamline cloud operations, and strengthen cloud security and compliance.


With a single solution for multi-cloud management and security, CloudHealth by VMware enhances the transparency of cloud usage and its overall impact on cost, performance, and security.


Our platform consolidates data across multiple providers, on-premises environments, and integration partners, to provide visibility across your infrastructure.

The Next Generation of Cloud Management Starts with a Cloud Center of Excellence