Manage Your AWS Environment as You Scale

Financial Management

Financial Management

View detailed breakdowns for major spending areas to analyze trends, watch for anomalies, and monitor cost, usage, and performance data. 

Financial Management


Build policies to maintain tagging hygiene, streamline configuration, and automate daily operational tasks.

Migration Assessment

Migration Assessment

Understand the TCO of your migration to AWS based on on-premises utilization and configuration. 

Optimize Resources and Costs

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Drive financial accountability, improve resource utilization, and optimize spend with Tanzu CloudHealth

  • Align AWS data with business context and access custom reports and dashboards tailored to each business function, team, or project. 
  • Set custom thresholds and leverage actionable recommendations for rightsizing AWS services and managing Reserved Instances and Savings Plans throughout their lifecycle. 
  • Get visibility into container resource utilization and understand cost and usage trends in aggregate, per cluster, and namespace.

Learn best practices to implement a cloud financial management practice to reduce AWS costs.

Build Automated Governance Policies

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Reduce infrastructure management with policies and automate daily operational tasks

  • Implement governance policies using preconfigured or custom templates to execute workflows that help manage your AWS environment.
  • Trigger notifications to alert stakeholders when policies are violated.
  • Define which users are authorized to execute on specific actions within your environment, like terminating unused resources, or simply let Tanzu CloudHealth act on your behalf.

Learn to establish policies that will help identify which lines of business drive up cost and alert you when spikes occur.


Migrate to AWS with Confidence

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Plan a migration from on-premises to AWS with Tanzu CloudHealth Migration Assessment

  • Use detailed data to inform and accelerate workload migration decisions from data center to AWS.
  • Compare the cost of moving workloads to AWS in different regions and Availability Zones to make smarter, more informed decisions.
  • Prepare migration assessments based on existing configuration or utilization to understand actual costs and optimize use of Reservations.


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