Manage Your Azure Environment at Scale

Get granular visibility into all your Azure resources and manage the full lifecycle of Reserved Virtual Machine Instances. CloudHealth helps you get the most out of your Azure environment with informed cost management, governance policies and security monitoring.
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Streamline decision-making with custom reports and dashboards tailored to your business function, team, or project. 

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Optimize Cost and Resources

View detailed breakdowns for major spending areas to track trends, improve resource utilization, and take advantage of savings opportunities.

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Build policies to maintain tagging hygiene, streamline configuration, and automate daily operational tasks.

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Strengthen Security

Proactively mitigate security risk through intelligent, real-time insights and automated actions.

Gain Visibility Into Your Entire Azure Environment

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Empower stakeholders to analyze and report on your Azure environment

  • Dynamically allocate assets and costs to custom business groupings.
  • Input cloud operating budgets to trigger alerts and notify key stakeholders if a Line of Business is projected to overspend.
  • Increase collaboration across your organization by subscribing team members to reports and dashboards.

Get visibility into your Azure data with CloudHealth.

Optimize Your Azure Infrastructure

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Analyze key metrics crucial for managing costs and increasing savings

  • Build custom efficiency targets based on ideal performance and utilization metrics and get rightsizing recommendations for Azure Virtual Machines and SQL Databases that fail to meet those targets. 
  • Manage Reserved Virtual Machine Instances across their lifecycle by leveraging CloudHealth’s amortization, purchase recommendations, and usage reports.  
  • Increase resource consumption visibility and optimize clusters to avoid waste in your container environment. Gain granular visibility into your Kubernetes environments to analyze and optimize utilization. 

Learn key practices to improve the efficiency of your Azure infrastructure.

Maintain Your Azure Cloud with Automated Governance Policies

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Improve operational efficiency with policies that monitor and automate daily tasks

  • Implement governance policies using preconfigured or custom templates to execute workflows that help manage your Azure environment.
  • Trigger notifications to alert necessary stakeholders when policies are violated.
  • Define which users are authorized to execute on specific actions within your environment, like stopping and deallocating virtual machines, or simply let CloudHealth take action on your behalf.

Learn how to use policy automation in your Azure environment to enhance cloud security and reduce risks.

Strengthen Your Azure Security Posture

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Proactively reduce security and compliance risk by scaling best practices across developer teams

  • Reduce misconfigurations and prioritize threats with visual risk context and a more secure auto-remediation approach.
  • Increase compliance with industry standards with out-of-the-box benchmarks and enterprise customizations.
  • Shift left security to detect misconfigurations during development through API integration with CI / CD pipelines.

Learn how to implement standards and controls in Azure or any environment to ensure cloud security without inhibiting productivity.

We reduced our Azure costs by 60%. We’re still optimizing...and expect to drive our bill down by another 10-20% in the coming year.
— Arie van den Bos, Cloud Systems Engineer, Ve Global

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