Why You Need Cloud Security and Compliance

Cloud security protects data and infrastructure resources in public clouds. A mature cloud security program ensures cloud accounts and services are configured correctly to encrypt data, prevent unauthorized access to resources, and maintain regulatory compliance —all without slowing down innovation.

Tackle cloud security’s top challenges and detect the most common high-risk violations with the superior context and visibility offered by CloudHealth Secure State.

Benefits of Establishing Cloud Security and Compliance


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Faster Search & Investigation

Reduce security and operations investigation time from days to minutes. Use unified, real-time cloud search to find resources, understand relationships, and identify risk across multiple providers, accounts, and regions in a single view. With text-based search and a flexible query language easily understand what developers build in cloud. 

Cloud Security Posture Management

Misconfigurations are one of the leading causes of public cloud security breaches. Improve your cloud’s security posture with real-time visibility into misconfigurations. Prioritize risk based on quantitative scores, investigate findings with visual context, and collaborate with developers to auto-remediate violations quickly.

Kubernetes Security Posture Management

Secure public cloud and Kubernetes environments with a single cloud native security platform. Automatically discover and onboard managed Kubernetes clusters. Easily identify Kubernetes resource misconfigurations and scan relationships with external cloud resources to prevent accidental data exposure or access to privileged cloud credentials.

Continuous Compliance Improvement

Continuously benchmark compliance with regulatory industry and government controls. Build company specific custom compliance frameworks. In a single view, track compliance with all frameworks and progress made in resolving issues. Automate reporting and maintain a thirteen-month audit history.

Cloud Threat Prioritization

Prioritizing key cloud threats and improve productivity of security incidence response teams. Correlate threat alerts from third party sources with native misconfiguration findings to prioritize attacks that target most vulnerable cloud assets. Easily export misconfiguration and threat findings to SIEM systems to streamline downstream security investigations. 

Shift-Left Security

Take a “Shift left” security approach to reduce cost and time spent on fixing violations. Integrate security and compliance best practices automatically within CI/CD pipelines. Proactively identify and remediate violations before a deployment hits production. Continuously monitor drift, alert developers, and collaborate to scale cloud security.

CloudHealth Secure State is a real driver for collaboration between Axway’s disparate security, operations, DevOps and R&D teams. It delivers actionable intelligence about cloud risks to help each team meet its varying cloud security objectives. The service is unique in its ability to deliver additional context that’s often missing in cloud security.
— David Starler, Director of Cloud Security, Axway.

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