Extend Tanzu CloudHealth to the Data Center

With the VMware Aria Operations integration, you can pull vSphere data into Tanzu CloudHealth's platform to manage your hybrid cloud architecture—all in one place.

Visibility & Cost Benchmarking

Get an accurate and complete view of all your data center costs.

Migration Assessment

Understand the TCO of migrating to the public cloud of your choice based on on-premises utilization and configuration.

Govern Usage

Implement guardrails to maintain tagging hygiene and proactively alert on policy violations.

Granular Data Center Visibility

Cloudhealth Resource Data Center Management Visibility Image

Get a holistic view of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment with Tanzu CloudHealth

  • Gain full visibility into all of your data center costs, including operational expenses like power and cooling, for accurate financial reporting.
  • Customize cost drivers to align to actual data center operational expenses, or use out-of-the-box industry benchmarks.
  • View historic resource utilization metrics, build accurate data center usage and cost forecasts, and provide showback for cost management.

Migrate with Confidence

Cloudhealth Resource Data Center Management Migration Image

Plan a migration to the public cloud with the Tanzu CloudHealth Migration Assessment

  • Use detailed data to inform and accelerate workload migration decisions.
  • Compare the cost of moving workloads to various public clouds in different regions and Availability Zones to make smarter, more informed decisions.
  • Prepare migration assessments based on existing configuration or utilization to understand actual costs and optimize use of reservations

Read our guide for insight and best practices to help you get the most out of your migration investment.

Govern Resource Usage in the Data Center

Cloudhealth Resource Data Center Management Usage Image

Leverage Tanzu CloudHealth recommendations and implement policies while enforcing proper usage of resources

  • Reduce wasted spend and optimize workload placement by identifying idle and underutilized resources.
  • Build custom policies to keep your infrastructure optimized, prevent unauthorized services, and manage cost.
  • Trigger notifications to alert necessary stakeholders when policies are violated.

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