Seamlessly Manage and Protect Cloud Data for Continuity of Operations

Delivering new mission capabilities and meeting constituent expectations for services are at the focus of government transformations. In an effort to meet digital-first mandates and regulatory requirements, government organizations are accelerating modernization initiatives. 

With Tanzu CloudHealth, government organizations can optimize, govern, and secure their cloud environments.

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Scale Out to Public Cloud to Enhance Operational Excellence

Academic institutions are transforming operations to drive innovation and support demands for blended learning environments. Cloud investments are continuing to increase as institutions seek to reduce IT complexity and drive efficiency. 

With Tanzu CloudHealth, academic institutions can effectively govern and secure their public cloud environments, while keeping costs under control.

Tanzu CloudHealth in Action

Tanzu CloudHealth Joins UK’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace

With the Tanzu CloudHealth platform now available in the Digital Marketplace, UK government agencies can use Tanzu CloudHealth to help them optimize and govern their public cloud environments.

Driving U.S. Public Sector Cloud Adoption with GovCloud Support

With support for both AWS and Azure GovCloud accounts, Tanzu CloudHealth helps government IT leaders optimize the use of IT funds and improve operational efficiency.

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