Our Approach to Your Success

Our Approach to Your Success


Our comprehensive onboarding methodology will empower you to become a platform expert with the knowledge to administer and use the platform to its fullest potential. If you would like configuration assistance, you can purchase our Implementation Service and have our consultants work with you to design, plan, and configure the platform.

Technical Support

Our results-driven support team strives to solve problems in the context of your business goals. The team operates under a follow the sun model, providing you access to product experts and technical documentation when you need it.

Best Practices

Access best practices and benchmarking data to ensure positive business outcomes. Compare your adoption and cloud management to companies of a similar vertical and cloud spend.

Ongoing Engagement

Participate in executive business reviews with your dedicated customer success manager and technical account manager. Together, we will track your growth, discuss product roadmap and newly released features, and create milestones to track your long-term success.


Benchmarking allows you to gain visibility around how you compare to your peers as it relates to cloud management.


As part of Customer Success Services (‘CSS’), we will work with you to understand how you function as a business and discuss the functional and technical intricacies of how you manage your infrastructure. Our teams will create a benchmark report showing how you compare against your peers based on vertical and cloud spend.


As you scale your business and add more managed services and customer, it becomes imperative to understand the health of your customer base, minimize customer churn, and maximize retention. As part of CSS, partners have access to the Customer Health Analytics service, which provides partners with detailed analysis of the health of their cloud business and the health of their customers’ cloud environments, benchmarked against their peers.

Professional Services

Work With Our Experts

Our Professional Services team offers consultation, design, implementation, and configuration services to ensure your account is built with your organization's needs in mind. Do you have a unique use case? Work with our team to build a custom services plan to help you be successful.

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